The MoEDAL Bibliography

So here's that bibliography I was talking about in the monopole discovery post. It's basically an annotated list of all (well, most) of the papers referenced by other MoEDAL publications to date generated using a BibTeX file and the bibtexparser Python module. You can download it from CERN's Zenodo repository here.

OK, so it's a little more than just a list:

  • bibliography.tex is the base TeX file containing the LaTeX document class, title stuff, etc. that also \inputs various snippets from /common/tools for recurring CERN@school document features;
  • However, a Python script is used to generate a LaTeX table containing summary information about each paper;
  • The generated autotable.tex file is \input into the main TeX file bibliography.tex, which is then used to generate the document itself;
  • One of the columns in the summary tables is the citation of the paper itself, so every paper then gets listed in the BibTeX-generated bibliography at the end of the document as usual;
  • Another of the columns is a "Notes" section, which contains a one line summary of the paper's contents;
  • The hyperlinked Digitial Object Identifier (DOI) of each paper (or URL if no DOI is available) is also included for each paper so you can simply click on it to get to the paper on the publishing journal's website.

What's more, thanks to GitHub and Zenodo both the bibliography itself and the code used to generate it have DOIs themselves. This means that they can both be cited in other papers, grant reports - anything that needs a permanent, unique identifier rather than some transient URL on some organisation's website. As I understand it, this is largely thanks to @arfon - who you may remember from the Zooniverse. He certainly wrote this fantastic guide to making your code citable that I used.

I'm going to be using it a lot over the next few weeks, anyway...